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Brief history of opium

Opium goes back 3500 yrs. in the Mid East. It has been used for pain relief as far as history records. Smoking opium was first introduced to China in the early 1700's by the Dutch. The British tired of sending sterling to China for the much wanted goods of blue and white ceramics, silk and tea which caused an imbalance in trade. In 1820 they brought opium from India to trade for goods and the Chinese dumped it in the water saying opium was illegal. In 1843 the 1st opium war ended and the British got Hong Kong from China and a foot hold in the opium trade.

Further resistance by the Imperial Government toward legal opium resulted in the 2nd opium war that end in 1860. Along with American and French help, China was put on her knees and declared opium legal. British made billions of pounds sterling. The US got Chinese shipped here to build our railroads out west toward the east and France got Indochina to spread Christianity.

In 1899 the Boxer Revolution was crushed by many European countries that resulted in the last time the Imperial government tried to stop the opium trade.

The opium trade was so profitable that when the Japanese occupied China during WWII they took the opium trade from the British to help finance the war. Phone:(229)-942-0576 Fax: (229)-924-7811 Mail: Asian Art, P.O.Box 1667 Americus,Georgia 31709