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19th century opium lamps

For thousands of yrs. the Chinese have been using oil lamps. Main source of oil comes from nut oil to light their homes. When the Chinese started smoking opium they needed a special lamp that was not too large and had a glass dome on it to help the heat from the lamp to burn hotter and keep the wind from blowing out the flame.

They came up with very decorative lamps made from silver, copper and brass. Size depended on the use. Lamps in private homes were generally larger. Portable lamps were developed with cages around them so they could be used as a lamp to walk in the dark outside of the house. Lamps were encased in brass tubes and could be packed for traveling. All these lamps were developed for smoking opium. The art work on some of the lamps is unbelievable.

These lamps all still work. They may need a new wick and use smokeless liquid wax and the lamp will put out a beautiful glow.

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