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19th century opium tools

With the opium pipe and bowls certain tools need to be made to use the pipes properly. Opium is apparently a very messy substance and a lot of work is needed to prepare it to smoke and clean up afterward.

A opium needle is one of the most important tools needed to smoke opium. It is said to smoke opium you have to have a pipe, lamp and needle. The needle is used to place the tiny piece of opium down into the bowl leaving a small hole in the opium for the flame to pass through it.

The knife is used to cut the opium into small pieces to get ready to smoke. The bowl cleaner is to clean the residue out of the bowl so it works properly. The residue would be sold to peasants to smoke because the residue still contained a small amount of morphine. Small bowls and flat pieces are used to heat the opium over the lamp to get as much moisture out of the opium as possible to get a good burn. Small bowls made of brass and ivory are used to shape small round pellets to be placed on the needle. The last item an opium smoker would have would be a wet sponge to cool off the hot bowls so they could be reloaded for the next bowl to smoke.


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